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The Forgiving Forward seminar is an opportunity to learn Heaven’s Forgiveness Protocols and how to accurately apply them. This message will provide you with the tools to receive freedom from the torment you experience because of past wounds. Using expositional teaching from Scripture and practical examples of changed lives, Dr. Bruce Hebel will teach you the Protocols that have liberated individuals, restored marriages, reunited families, and unified congregations all over the world.

Forgiving Forward also offers a second level of training, the Forgiving Forward Coaching Intensive course, a prerequisite to become a certified Forgiving Forward coach. In this full day of intensive training, the participant will receive the tools and skills needed to join the team as a certified coach.


Bruce and Toni’s personal concepts of forgiving others are not only unique, but also revolutionary. Whole churches have found healing through this message. I’ve seen evidence of the Hebels at work with this message not just in America, but abroad.

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson – Author of The Prayer of Jabez


It changed my life from the moment I applied it. I now have COMPLETE freedom.
Lauren, Administrative Assistant

This teaching has been a vital part of ALL conflict resolution in my church.
Todd, Senior Pastor


Hey! You helped me Monday night a week ago forgive my father.  Wanted to update you.  Wow!  An explosion of good things has begun to happen.  I smile now!  I feel better!  Blood pressure is dropping!  My son who is on a YWAM in Europe decided to forgive me for all I did to him today. My daughter started moving towards me today.  Other strongholds in my life are being destroyed.  Satan is losing battle after battle.  The kingdom of light is advancing on the kingdom of darkness.  You were not kidding when you said it sets others free!  Praise God!  Love you guys!

Through the seminar I realized my need for Jesus and accepted Christ as my Savior.
Lauren, College Student

Tears of Forgiveness46  years of bondage ended last night.  The debt is paid.  These chains are gone and I am free!  The meeting last night truly was a divine appointment.  And now 12 more people will be set free. Thank God for His servants that listen to His voice! I can’t stop singing and crying and praising God today.  Amazing love, amazing Grace.